Configuration HTML5 video under SharePoint 2010 using JWPlayer


This is a short guide how to configure video making this compatible with new HTML 5 format. I assume that you use SharePoint 2010 and JW Player to render video on the page. The player has a fallback functions rendering media content as follows:

  1. Render preferred set up type (HTML5 is a default one)
  2. Flash
  3. Download file If render cannot be done

To be able to play video with HTML5 player video should be converted to one of the following formats:

  1. .mp4 – to convert video you can use free “Handbrake”
  2. .m4v
  3. .mov
  4. .webm (firefox only) – To convert MP4 video to WEBM format use “Free WebM Video Converter”.

With following codecs:

  1. MP4 (H.264/AAC)
  2. WebM (VP8/Vorbis)

Next table shows you rendering of media in different browsers:


This not supports HTML5  format at all. But it can be always rendered with Flash.

No additional actions required to provided ones in the player set up by a code.


Supports HTML5 format without any limitation as so as other following versions. Flash is rendering content without limitations.

No additional actions required to provided ones in the player set up by a code.


Supports only .webm format when rendering content. To be able to render video on HTML5 page there should be another webm format copy of the video provided.

When mp4 file is specified and there is no webm version specified and user has quick time installed this can be played directly in the browser using installed quick time plugin. Before user can do this SharePoint should be configured:

When reading video from document library mime/type returned by default is application/octet-stream which is blocking Quick Time plugin.

  1. From the Start menu, enter inetmgr in the search box and press Enter. An instance of the IIS Management Console will start.
  2. Select the server node, in the Features View locate the MIME Types feature in the IIS Group and double click on it.
  3. In the Actions pane click Add…
  4. Fill in the form providing .mp4 as the File name extension and video/mp4as the MIME Type and click OK
  5. Close the IIS Management Console.
  6. From the Start Menu, select All Programs | Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products | SharePoint 2010 Central Administration. Under Application Management select Manage web applications.
  7. Select the desired web application in the list.
  8. Click on General Settingsin the ribbon.
  9. Scroll down and find the Browser File Handling section, change the selection to Permissive, scroll to the bottom of the dialog and click OK.
  10. Close the browser window.
  11. You now need to reset IIS. Open and command prompt and enter run the iisresetcommand.

The same method is for Opera browser that doesn’t understands any format and only relies on external plugins


To play HTML5 video there should be mime type added to server as it is described for Fire Fox settings.

Safari IPAD:

This browser does not support Flash version but can play HTML5 video if blob cache settings set up in addition to settings specified in the step for Fire Fox. To do this:

  1. open your web.config
  2. search for “blobcache”
  3. set “enable” to True
  4. set “maxsize” to 75
  5. ensure that mp4 is listed in “path” value


Chrome is the only browser working with HTML5 as good as with flash.


See Fire Fox steps

To activate BLOB cache on the server see this link.

Hope it helps,

Andrew Adamich

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