SharePoint 2013 feature comparison chart all editions

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Did you ever see such a pretty table before..? Which one to pick?? This has to be one of the harder choices in Life…

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Last Updated 2013-10-08, ‘search connector framework’, ‘on-premises search index’ and ‘tunable relevancy’ – source:Search (thanks to Mattias Brunnert)

The feature list of SharePoint gets longer and longer, richer and richer, this is the (as far as I know) complete list of features in the three different versions of SharePoint 2013 on-premise (not SharePoint online): SharePoint Foundation 2013| SharePoint Server 2013 Standard Edition| SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise Edition. To save you all a few ‘swipes’ or ‘rolls’ on the old mouse wheel, I have also added a menu here at the top, click on any of the focus areas to jump right in.

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Office 365 feature comparison chart all plans

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Office 365 feature comparison chart all plans
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This is an updated version of a popular blogpost that I posted in January 2013. It turned out to be one of the most visited posts and it still is (This one). This time I have updated the feature comparison list to show what is included in the different Office 365 plans and subscription levels that are available. It is not easy to find the information when you are looking to buy just the right plan for your organization.
My primary goal with this post is to again make it just a little bit easier to find what feature is included in what plan, what functionality is avaiable in which plan and most importantly, where is SharePoint Online included? 😉 

The complete Office 365 subscription plan comparison list

(Remember that the content in every license plan can be subject to change…

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